Corrections Policy

Corrections Policy

We at PN Live News , put maximum efforts to prevent errors. We always strive to be conscientious and punctilious in verifying facts before publication. Our fact check report goes through multiple reviews before it gets published. However, some amount of errors will inevitability occur during the process in the form of human error/mistake because the publisher or editor is someone like the reader and is capable of human error. Whenever we see any error reported by our readers, we correct our errors publicly and transparently. When we are correcting an article, headline, media content or any other material, we will provide details explaining the change.


Corrections – If a reader finds any error/mistake in any of our published articles or social media posts, they can report the corrections by writing us at Contact us page or filling up the below form. We always welcome feedback and correction requests from our readers. (Find All corrected article here)

Updating – We feel it necessary and we make it a practice to put editor’s notes to let know the readers that they are reading a developing story. We also do that for articles that were updated to let the reader know any addition of new information or any significant change.

Recalling Fact check report – When we find the fact check report or any other story published on our website to be wrong, we issue a public notice on our website and publish a correction. We only grant recalling or take-down requests when the person involved is under threat of any sort of harm because of the existence of the material.

We welcome all the correction requests from our readers.

If you have any corrections requests, please reach out to us at

rammar, and minor factual corrections, update the post. There is no need to note the change.

For corrections to or the addition of substantive facts that meaningfully change the story, a correction notice should be placed at the end of the article after the story has been updated. You should also get approval from your Deputy Editor. Once the correction has been made, notice of the correction should be sent to all.