“Deep Sidhu didn’t like Amritpal Singh and his phone was blocked”

The family of the late actor and activist Deep Sidhu has demanded a probe into Amritpal Singh’s ancestry as the security services continue to monitor developments surrounding the emergence of a new hardline leader.

The appointment of Amritpal as the head of Waris Punjab De, which was started by his brother Deep Sidhu, according to Mandeep Sidhu, Deep Sidhu’s younger brother and an advocate located in Ludhiana, was unlawful. “There is a perception that Amritpal was trained by Deep Sidhu, and our family participated in the choice to name Amritpal as the head. This is untrue, though. In reality, Deep seemed to loathe Amritpal and never mentioned him. In January and February, he had Amritpal’s phone disabled for 15 days, the man claimed.

Mandeep said that the blocked number’s screenshots had been distributed on social media. “I have my brother’s phone here. I have the proof, he declared.According to Mandeep, Deep gave his life for Punjab and created Waris Punjab De after conducting extensive research. “It has been taken over. We must look into the matter. Earlier this year, Amritpal was chosen to lead Waris Punjab De after receiving a message on the group’s Facebook page. Following that, Amritpal made two public appearances in which, in the eyes of his detractors and the security services, he attempted to resemble the murdered Sikh leader Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. He attracted notice at a gathering in Rode, Bhindranwale’s hometown, last week.

Some retired police officers describe Amritpal’s ascension, the tenor of his talks, as well as his wardrobe, as following a carefully plotted 1980s script. “The script is the same. Hardliners used religion as a unifying force at that time as well. One of them added, “It remains to be seen whether moderate voices and the security agencies can stop any development leading to a law and order situation.It’s interesting to note that while a local journalist has complained of receiving death threats from Amritpal, several Sikh journalists with foreign bases have been extensively reporting Amritpal’s campaign. His police complaint in Mohali is still pending.

The only group openly supporting Amritpal is the Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar). “The Sikhs, like any community, have the legal right to seek sovereignty. However, we oppose the use of force to accomplish this, according to Prof. Mohinder Pal Singh, a party spokeswoman.Amritpal and the SAD-Amritsar have come under fire from farmer leader Joginder Ugrahan for their speeches. “Amritpal is unimportant. He just graduated from Class XII and has no prior knowledge of farming or Punjabi difficulties. The worst is that he belongs to a group that refers to Shaheed Bhagat Singh as a terrorist. We prevented them from appropriating our peaceful farmer agitation, and as a result, we were successful.

The Punjab Government has previously been forewarned about the Rode function and requested to maintain vigilance by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

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