Ayesha curry Perfect ending to our 2022 trip

Ayesha curry and her husband Stephen Curry were spending the last few days on vacation and there they had a lot of fun and shared many pictures and videos with their loved ones, those pictures, and videos share can be seen on their Instagram id.

And today he shared a very cute video with his loved ones and returned home with the last stop of his journey, he shared the video with this caption:- Perfect ending to our #sibsandsigs 2022 trip! We experienced the beauty and culture of Wakaya Island. Bonded, created memories, and finished off our adventure by saying prayers and wishes and floating them away beautifully to manifest. 🎥 @stepcurry.

There is a lot of mutual love between her and her husband and with such small movements, it is getting better.Many fans commented on these pictures, the special comment among them is something like this, one person wrote:- love this – what a beautiful moment.

someone said:- Is there any sense in paying so much attention to your career if there are things that may give you more pleasure?🌶🔥 another person said:- Your love makes me happy. ❤️ thank you for sharing the joy. 💕

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