Drugs are openly marketed in the community of Maur.

Following the viral video that showed a “Chitta Ethe Milda Hai” (Drugs are available here) flag being up in the fields in Bhai Bhaktaur hamlet of Maur in Bathinda district, the police carried out raids today.In the video, a villager stated that narcotics were openly marketed and that 16 to 17-year-olds supposedly died from drug consumption on Dasehra.

The speaker in the video can be heard claiming that the drug sales in the villages of Jodhpur Romana and Kotbhara had angered the locals. He claimed that the peddlers would kill the individual who attempted to stop them if they could. The man warned drug traffickers to quit dealing drugs or he will post their information online.”Supply of drugs is frequent in the village,” claimed Lakhbir Singh of Bhai Bhaktaur. Children are becoming “chitta” prey. The locals have made the decision to convene a gathering and launch a campaign in this regard. We want to make sure that the government hears us.

Following the viral success of the video, search operations were carried out in a number of villages this morning by police officers under the direction of Bathinda Senior Superintendent of Police J Elanchezhian.Around 150 police officers carried out search operations in Bhai Bhaktaur, Jodhpur Pakhar, Ghuman Kalan, Kotfatta, and Kotbhara from 6 am to 10.30 am, according to Elanchezhian. The Punjab Police and the state government’s top objective is to end the drug epidemic.5.70 grammes of heroin was taken from the person’s possession by the police, who then detained him. At the Kotfatta police station, an NDPS Act-related FIR has been filed.

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