Jammu and Kashmir’s Pahari community would receive reservations, according to Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Tuesday that the Pahari minority in Jammu and Kashmir would receive reservations, which was a significant revelation that the community had been waiting for.According to him, “it won’t affect the Gujjar and Bakerwal community’s reservation under the Scheduled Tribes category.”

Shah made this announcement at a rally in Rajouri.The rally was highly anticipated by thousands of Pahari speakers who believed Shah would declare reservations for them under the ST category.

“In its recommendation to the government, the Justice GD Sharma (retired) Commission advocated reservations for Paharis. After all administrative procedures are completed, reservations will be implemented, according to Shah.

He claimed that several political groups were opposed to the Paharis obtaining their rights. “Some political figures favour restricting the rights of the Paharis. The moment has come for Paharis to receive their rights, he declared.The Gujjars, who already enjoy a reservation under the ST category, were concerned that giving the Paharis ST designation would reduce their allotted quota.Believe me, there won’t even be a 1% change to the Gujjars’ reservation, remarked Shah.

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