Man orders an iPhone 13 from Flipkart but receives an iPhone 14 in its place, sparking outrage on Twitter.

E-commerce site Flipkart has been in the news for a while as the holiday season has drawn near. The online shopping site persisted in popularity across social media platforms despite presenting enticing deals and suffering criticism from netizens for unheard-of cancellations and application bugs. In addition to the above listed reasons, a customer is now pleased with Flipkart after an app glitch resulted in the delivery of an iPhone 14 instead of the iPhone 13 he had ordered.On Twitter, a tweet with this context is trending. Ashwin Hegde described how one of his fans ordered an iPhone 13 from Flipkart but received an iPhone 14 in its place. Along with another image of a person holding an iPhone 14 case, he also included a screen capture showing the iPhone 13’s order information.

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