Punjabi family in California believed to have been kidnapped; authorities find uncle’s burning truck

The authorities are still looking for the Indian-origin family that was taken from California on Monday, after one of the missing victims’ truck was discovered on fire in a rural location outside of Merced County.

Amandeep Singh, 39, Jasdeep Singh, 36, Jasleen Kaur, 27, and their eight-month-old infant Aroohi Dheri were seized, according to a statement made earlier by the Merced County Sheriff’s Office, according to Fox News.The news source claims that on Monday, California fire officials located Amandeep Singh’s truck on fire in a rural location west of Merced.

The alleged kidnapper may have attempted to obliterate evidence, according to information provided by Merced County Sheriff Vernon Warnke on Monday.Fox News claimed that investigators unveiled a photograph of a probable suspect sporting a blue surgical mask, dark-colored surgical gloves, dark-colored leggings, and dark-colored shoes and socks in addition to a grey sweatshirt with black sleeves and a black hood.

The suspect is said to be armed and dangerous by the police. The claimed kidnapping happened on a street that is dotted with shops and eateries.The suspect or victim should not be approached, the sheriff’s office urged in a statement on Monday.

The culprit and victims were advised to remain unapproached, and anyone who saw them was urged to dial 911.A techie of Indian descent named Tushar Atre was discovered dead in his girlfriend’s car in 2019 a few hours after the head of a US digital marketing firm was reportedly abducted from his opulent California house.

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