Regarding the rise in radical activity, Raja Warring writes to the DGP.

Amarinder Singh Raja Warring, the president of the Punjab Congress, wrote to the director general of police on Friday to express worry about the escalating actions of extremist elements like Amritpal Singh.He claimed that while he and his party had no issue with someone evangelising for their religion, inciting others to violence was wrong.

He added that the manner in which the event at Rode village in the Moga district on September 29 was conducted had also contributed to the concern and confusion among people. “There is growing concern among people across the state over what he (Amritpal) says and what he does,” he wrote in the letter.The speeches made at the event, he claimed, were undoubtedly far from what they ought to be at a religious gathering. “Amritpal and those with him did not speak in a purely religious manner in terms of vocabulary and tone.”

He needs to be more explicit about what he intends by specific phrases. Such claims have the potential to mislead impressionable young people. The risk is also considerably higher in the present social media era, according to Warring.”I trust Punjab Police have already taken the situation seriously. I kindly want you to maintain a careful surveillance and keep an eye on his activities as a responsible Punjabi and concerned citizen of the nation lest the situation get out of hand,” he said.

According to the PCC president, it needs to be confirmed why the group “Waris Punjab De” was founded and why Amritpal suddenly decided to move here when he was already settled in Dubai.Punjab simply can’t afford to endure any more killing and violence, he said.

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