Big revelation about Amritpal Singh’s video- New CCTV video

The first video of Waris Punjab organization chief Amritpal Singh after March 18 has come out. Amritpal said that I have come forward for the first time since March 18.He said that if the government wanted to arrest, it could have arrested us at home. He said that the way the siege was put, the owner has very graciously removed it from there. He said that the government has crossed the limit of oppression.

Youths have been thrown in jails. It has been done in the same way as Beant’s government did. He said that my arrest is not the issue, the issue is the attack on Sikhs. He also said that I am in the ascendant.

In this video, Amritpal has not yet given any information about where he is at the moment. No information has been given regarding where they have been since March 18 till now.According to police sources, with the help of inputs and technical tools, it has so far come to light that Amritpal may have made this video 2 or 3 days ago somewhere in Uttarakhand or UP. About which more information is being worked on continuously.

According to sources, the IP address of the video has been identified. The IP addresses of the video are said to be from UK, Dubai and Canada. Video has three IP addresses.Amritpal released a video yesterday. In which he had said that if the government’s intention was to arrest, it could have arrested from home. The attitudes adopted by the government, they surrounded by deploying a force of lakhs and tried to encircle and arrest.

The true leader took us out of that circle. We felt till then that the government did not want us to go to Malwa so that we could not start the wells. We felt that we should go to Malwa and start Amrit Vehir there.So we must use any means to get there. Then when the internet went down, we had no contact with anyone.

Amritpal said that this issue is not only about my arrest, the people sitting in foreign countries should consider this issue. Amritpal said that Sarbat Khalsa should gather on the occasion of Baisakhi. Jathedar Sahib himself should come forward and take the lead on this big issue of the Sikh community, the decision to make wells in the villages is commendable.

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