Farmers’ requests are met in writing by the Punjab government, and protesters later organise a triumph rally in Sangrur.

Farmers halted their 21-day demonstration in front of Punjab chief minister Bhagwant Mann’s local residence on Patiala road after receiving a clear plan in writing from the Punjab administration outlining how to satisfy their requests. They have stated that they would resume their protests, nonetheless, if the government did not comply with their demands as promised.On October 7, Punjab’s chief minister accepted our demands, but we had to wait here on the road to receive a written guarantee that the government will comply with our requests. The fact that you took so long to provide us with a formal guarantee demonstrates that the AAP government is not unique in this regard. In order to have our remaining requests met, we must now prepare to confront the central government, stated Joginder Singh Ugrahan to the farmers during a meeting.

Farmer Gurmukh Singh stated that if the Punjab government did not comply with their requests, protest would resume.According to information provided by BKU Ugrahan leaders, the Punjab government has promised in writing that it will purchase all paddy at MSP, release the moong payment that has been overdue within 15 days, release all compensation for crop losses until November 30, take no action against any farmer who burns stubble due to a lack of equipment or resources, and withdraw any cases that were registered last year. The government will also take steps to renovate the Punjab canal system by January 31, 2023.

“Since many demands are related to central government, we shouldn’t just sit at home; instead, we should start fortifying our organisations to fight against it. According to Sukhdev Singh Kokri Kalan, general secretary of BKU Ugrahan, “we would initiate village-by-village special campaign to raise awareness about our unmet demands in the coming days.

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