In a show of solidarity for Lisa LaFlamme, Wendy’s mascot turns grey

Following Lisa LaFlamme’s firing from CTV News after 35 years with the network, Wendy’s Canada is the newest company to express its support for her.The restaurant franchise posted a new profile picture of its mascot on Thursday, ditching her trademark red pigtails in favor of grey hair.A senior CTV employee said that shortly after the former host’s firing was made public, Michael Melling, the network’s chief of news, had repeatedly questioned the choice to “let Lisa’s hair grow grey” at a meeting.

Bell Media, the parent company of CTV, said that Ms. LaFlamme’s dismissal was a business move made in response to shifting consumer preferences, but it provided no other details. Since then, a third-party assessment of its newsroom has been announced.Discussions on social media concerning ageism and sexism in the workplace have persisted for more than a week since the news first surfaced. Major companies are now participating in the discussion to support the former presenter and others who decide not to cover up their grey hair.

Dove Canada started a marketing initiative on Sunday dubbed #KeepTheGrey to encourage women’s right to age “on their own terms.”The beauty company posted on its social media platforms that “Women with grey hair are being edged out of the job” and urged fans to join the campaign by making their profile images grey scale.

Dove commented on Wendy’s latest snapshot on Thursday, writing, “Looks beautiful, Wendy!”.Since 2011, Ms. LaFlamme has served as the host of CTV’s national program. On August 15, she released a two-minute video on Twitter in which she claimed to have learned of the network’s decision to terminate her contract on June 29.

She remarked, “I’m still astonished and disappointed.” “At 58, I still naively believed I’d have plenty of time to share more of the tales that have an influence on our everyday lives. Instead, I am humbled by the folks who trusted me to tell their tale as I depart CTV.On September 5, Omar Sachedina will take Ms. LaFlamme’s position. Mr. Sachedina began working for CTV News as a national affairs journalist in 2009.

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