Sherrif says suspect has a “special place in hell” and believes at least one other individual is responsible for the murder of a Sikh family in California.

The sheriff of Merced County in California has said of the suspect who kidnapped four members of an Indian-origin Sikh family, including an eight-month-old baby girl who was later discovered dead in an orchard, “There’s a special place in hell for this person.”Four members of the family, who had been missing since Monday, were found dead on Wednesday night, and the Merced County Sheriff, Vern Warnke, remarked, “There are no words right now to explain the fury I feel and the senselessness of this tragedy.”

Jesus Manuel Salgado, a defendant who was sentenced to 11 years in prison after being found guilty of armed robbery in 2005, has a particular spot in hell, according to Warnke.After being detained for the murder, the 48-year-old made an attempt on his life on Tuesday in the adjacent town of Atwater.Although there is currently no evidence to suggest another person was involved, the sheriff stated, “I still think that by the time we are done here, we’ll be able to tie in at least one other individual.”

Despite the fact that there is now no evidence pointing to the involvement of a second individual, the sheriff stated that “I still think that by the time we get done here we’ll be able to tie in at least one other person.”A farmworker reported the family’s bodies, which included an eight-month-old baby whose kidnapping was seen on surveillance footage, at around 5.30 pm (local time).

Detectives identified the remains as those of eight-month-old Aroohi Dheri, her mother Jasleen Kaur, her father Jasdeep Singh, and her uncle Amandeep Singh, all of whom were from Harsi Pind in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. They were abducted on Monday from their recently opened trucking company in Merced County, California, according to Sheriff Warnke.After being detained for the murder, the suspect made an attempt at suicide on Tuesday in the adjacent town of Atwater.

In 2005, Salgado was found guilty of an armed robbery that entailed false imprisonment. Warnke said investigators spoke with Salgado, but refrained from sharing any further details because of the continuing investigation.According to the sheriff’s office, Salgado’s own relatives contacted officials and claimed that he had acknowledged to taking part in the kidnapping.

The suspect has been speaking intermittently, given his state. The inquiry is “now moving towards putting this horrible son of a gun in prison, and we still have detectives with the suspect, and we are gleaning evidence from that,” Warnke said.The doctor had drugged him because they did not want him “thrashing around,” Warnke continued, adding, “I can assure you that every time he has even been near consciousness he has been violent.”

He was dismissed from parole three years after his release from prison, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.He was found guilty of possessing a controlled substance as well, according to the prisons department.The sheriff stated that the family’s relatives have been informed and continued, “A whole family wiped off, and we still don’t know why.”

Warnke continued that there was currently no proof that Salgado was acquainted with the family prior to the kidnapping.

Right now, according to deputy Alexandra Britton, “we think it was random.” “We don’t have any proof to the contrary,”According to CNN News, Salgado is not currently facing any charges.An ATM card belonging to one of the victims was used in Atwater, 14 km north of Merced, after the kidnappings, according to Sheriff Warnke, who also stated that the kidnapper made no demands for ransom in what he thinks to be a financially motivated crime.

The sheriff hoped that the suspect, who was shown taking Jasdeep and Amandeep Singh with their hands tied together in a terrifying new video depicting the moment the family was abducted, would receive the death penalty from the district attorney.The kidnapper can be seen carrying Jasleen and her eight-month-old child, Aroohi, out of the premises and into a truck a short while later in the footage.According to family relatives, the family’s firm, Unison Trucking Inc., had only recently opened its office


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